Recovering Lost Volume on Mac

Mac OS is of course one of the greatest OS and apple concerns very much about their users’ security. But Mac won’t be responsible if you lose a volume, so you cannot expect Mac to help you. Instead, there are many recovery software out there which will help you out recover your lost volume back. One of the good software is Remo Recover as this uses unique mechanisms to retrieve the whole volume back. Continue reading if you want to know how to recover lost volume on Mac.

Recovering Lost Volume on Mac

The following steps are involved in recovering lost volume on Mac. Do follow them and you will find your lost Mac volume back at the end of the process.

  • Download the software Remo Recover from the description section in the above YouTube link.
  • Install it on your computer and run it. In the main screen, choose “Recover Volumes / Drives”.
  • Select “Volume Recovery” from the available options as this will take you to the next step.
  • Now the software prompts you to select the drive from which you want to recover lost volume by giving the message “Please Select Disk to Continue”.
  • Select the disk and then choose the volume and step ahead to the following steps.
  • After specifying the types of files you want for recovery, click on next to start the recovery process.
  • The software shows the list of folders and files available for recovery from the lost volume. Choose the entire volume data for recovery.
  • In the final step, select the destination folder for saving the files. (This option will be available for the users who upgraded their software license.)

Notable Features of Remo Recover Software

  • The tool recovers lost volumes of all file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, HFS+ and HFS. All Mac OS support for installation.
  • The software recovers more than 300 file types from the lost Mac volumes of all types of files such as images, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • It is able to retrieve whole lost volume or deleted volume even if it is formatted or reformatted multiple times.
  • The tool has a useful ‘Save Recovery Session’ Option which can be used if the process takes too long to complete. This is useful while scanning huge volumes.
  • Users will be able to preview the restored data before saving it in their disk.

Causes of Loss of Volume in Mac

  • Mac volumes might get lost due to choosing the wrong volume for formatting. It might not appear in the list of volumes.
  • When installing a secondary operating system, mistakenly selecting the volume for installation can cause you the loss of volume.
  • Formatting the volume to convert the file system and any interruptions can cause the loss of Mac volume.
  • Deletion of any system files that is needed for proper functioning of the volume can result in loss of volume.

The software Remo Recover discussed above will be able to recover lost volume on Mac as seen from the clear explanation in the video.