RAW Partition – How to Recover Lost Data from RAW Partition?

“My 200GB hard drive partition was containing lot of essential documents, photos, music and video files. But from yesterday onwards, I was not able to access any of these files, moreover the NTFS partition is showing 0 bits of memory. I have tried different ways to overcome this problem but nothing seems to work. When I scanned the drive using Windows utility, I/O error is getting displayed. I need an effective solution to recover data from RAW partition. Please help me to find out the perfect software that will allow me to recover data from RAW partition.”

As you know hard drive is the core part of the computer that holds the digital information, user can access these as desired. And RAW hard drive is the situation where the computer is unable to recognize the file system of the hard disk. Normally, whenever the file system is damaged or corrupted, at these times the hard drive can be termed as RAW. And the entire data in the hard drive will become inaccessible for the same reason. Your hard drive will turn RAW due to many reasons one example is shutting down the system while writing process is active. Whenever you try to access the RAW hard drive, error messages will get displayed. Given below are the error messages:

“Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”

“Error accessing the drive D; disk is not formatted”

“Sector not found”

Often users will get wonder-stuck by seeing these sort of error messages. In most cases the default step taken by the user is carrying on with format, this will lead to complete loss of data. So what are the alternatives in such sort of situation in front of the users? The most reliable option for users at these circumstances is by going with a comprehensive third party tool like RAW Partition Recovery. Before carrying on discussions about this tool let’s get to know the most common causes that makes your hard drive turn RAW.

What turns your hard drive RAW?

  • Virus attack: Harmful viruses are always a huge concern. It can turn the hard drive to RAW, causing severe loss of data from hard disk partition. Viruses gets attached to the system by downloading files from unreliable sources or while transferring files from infected system.
  • File system corruption: File system corruption is a common situation that turns the hard drive partition turn RAW. For example: While converting the file type of logical drive to other in case if your system gets shut down abruptly, this results in loss of all file formats from the hard drive partition.
  • Abrupt shutting down of the system: Abrupt shut down of the system will result in operating system crash causing hard drive corruption and thereby the hard drive will turn RAW. And hence you won’t be able to access any of the files on your hard drive partition.

Have lost access to files on your hard drive partition as the hard drive turned RAW? In such cases there is nothing to panic, you can easily recover data from RAW hard drive by using RAW Partition Recovery software. It is one of the best way that is being recommended by expert professional to restore data from RAW hard drive partition.

RAW Partition Recovery is an incredible tool that is equipped with rich graphical user interface and intuitive design that allows users to recover data from RAW partition with extreme ease. By utilizing this professional application you can easily recover missing information’s from RAW hard drive. This tool can also be used to recover data from RAW USB drive, memory card, external hard drive and other storage devices. The demo version of RAW partition Recovery is totally free over the internet, download and install the application to test the efficiency of this application in recovering data from RAW hard drive. It is compatible to work with Windows as well as Mac PC’s for restoring data from RAW hard drive partition.