Here Is Quick Solution to Restore Files from PNY micro SD Card

It was in a complicating situation when I was trying to open the memory card, it was showing no files found. I don’t know the actual reason for this. I think my PNY memory card is infected by virus or it may be because any other factor. What to do now? its very confusing situation. How to recover the data from my SD card because it consists of many important data including music files, thrilling videos and many other important documents. PNY memory cards are not only used in mobile phones, it is widely used in digital cameras, webcams, iPods etc. It can store digital images, music files; video files and any other data like personal or business documents there are many who struggle to recover the lost data from their memory card. There are many situations that cause data loss from memory cards which we use in devices like cameras, mobile phones, web cams etc. We may be aware of few of the data loss scenarios. But there are many reasons that cause data loss from our PNY memory cards. It is important to have knowledge on data loss scenarios and I like to list some of the main reasons for data loss. ·

  • Miss handling of the devices result in loss of data from PNY micro SD card. Accidental pressing of delete key in digital camera, mobile phone, webcams etc result in loss of data stored in it. Unfortunately these mistakes may cause the deletion of our very important data present in our memory cards.·
  • It is a common practice that we usually connect our memory card to computers with the help of card reader in orders to transfer the data. But there is a high chance of virus attack on PNY memory cards if the system to which we are connecting contains virus and leads to loss of data from memory cards.·
  •  Abrupt removal of memory cards from devices like camera, webcam, mobile phone during data transfer leads to loss of file from the memory cards.·
  •  During data transfer, sudden shut down of computer or other devices to which memory card is connected may result in data loss from PNY SD card·
  • Accidental formatting of the SD card due to un intentional selection of formatting option also leads to data loss.

Many believe in the myth that data once lost is permanently lost and it cannot be recovered. But new technologies provide the powerful software’s for data recovery.  Always keep in mind that don’t try to add more data to the card after loss so that PNY micro SD card recovery can be made easy. One of the best tool for recovering PNY micro SD card is “SDHC Card Recovery”. Performance of the application can be well understood from the features listed below:

  • The software can recover image files, audio or video files and any data which are deleted from PNY micro SD card. It also recover data lost due to accidental formatting of the memory cards either from the computer or other devices like cameras, mobile phones etc.
  • There are chances of data loss due to virus attack on memory card. The application is able to recover various types of data which are deleted or lost due to virus infection.
  • The application sort the recovered data on the basis of size, type and date. It can also store the recovered images, audio, video in compressed zip archives in order to save the memory space.
  • This tool provides preview of recovered data before it is restored in the drive. The “save recovery session” option in the application helps in resuming the scanning process from the particular point where the scanning was interrupted before and prevents the rescanning of the entire PNY micro SD card.

The application is brilliant in PNY micro SD card recovery that it is able to restore different types of data like images, audio, video and other documents. It recovers data of any type and size. The application highly efficient in PNY micro SD card recovery similarly  it can recover  data from SD cards of any brands like San Disk , Sony, Transcend etc