About SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive (32GB)

In the current scenario in order to boost your storage for your digital devices, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive is available and is a wireless storage accessory. Whether you have a 64GB iPad with many pictures on it or 16GB Galaxy S4 that is filled up rapidly, then the by the help of SanDisk Connect you can serve music, videos, and photos on the load road trip.

1279819-sandisk-connect-wireless-media-driveYou can offload the videos and photos because it is quite repository you keep shooting on your iPhone. The quick trips and jaunts can be recommended by the SanDisk Connect away from reliable cellular based Internet access. The cost of the 64GB model available is $99.99.

Design and Features:

The measurement of the SanDisk Connect is very small 2.6×2.6×0.52 inches and it is weight less than three ounces. Around the circumference it has a metal ring and black plastic in the top and bottom. A molded lattice weave is available with the top panel, and at the bottom it has a soft surface.

The metal ring contains SD card slot, microUSB 2.0 port, status lights cut in the surface and power button. The lights will indicate about internal status, power/battery status, external internal connectivity and internal Wi-Fi activity.

The SanDisk Connect should be charged for a few hours or should be started by connecting the drive up to your Mac or PC. To the ExFAT the drive is formatted, so it can easily handle well with both Macs and Windows PCs and files over 4.3GB can be supported, which is the addition over wireless drives that are FAT32 formatted like HP Pocket Playlist and Kingston Wi-Drive.

It appears like any other external drive when it is hooked up to your desktop and laptop via USB 2.0 and you can manually drag files to it.

This drive comes with folders that are marked by photos, music and videos, all these things are for your benefit as the drive read and present media files automatically where these files are stored on the drive. With the Windows/Mac companion app the Seagate Wireless Plus is associated and it searches your computer automatically for media files and will copy them.

Excel Macros Tutorial: How To Create A Simple Macro In Excel 2013

Macros are little programs that run among Excel and facilitate automatize common repetitive tasks. Macros are one in every of Excel’s most powerful, nonetheless underutilized feature. Using macros, you’ll save hours and boost productivity manifold.excelmacro-300x122

In this article, we’ll learn the way to create ultra simple macro in 2013 to introduce you to the thought. For an additional elaborated summary of advanced Excel functions, together with making difficult macros, strives the great Excel coaching course for beginners and intermediate users.

What is a Macro?

A macro will be defined as the recording of a series of tasks. It’s the only kind of automation show a computer code program the steps you follow to urge one thing done, and also the computer code can follow on. Once used right, macros will prevent hours by automating straightforward, repetitive tasks.

Marcos in Excel is written in Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). This can be a version of Visual Basic (an outstanding Microsoft programming language) developed specifically to be used in Office-like applications. Making straightforward macros copy a formula from one cell to a different, as an example is fairly simple. Difficult macros need somewhat additional work. You’ll get to be quite knowledgeable about Excel VBA to automatize the additional complicated tasks in your progress. You’ll learn additional concerning these during this advanced Excel 2010 course.

You can create a simple macro to get up to speed with Excel programming and automation by following below steps.

Activate the Developer Toolbar:

  • To write macros, you need access to the Developer toolbar within the high ribbon. This can be hidden by default. To activate it, move to file, then choices, customize Ribbon and check the box next to ‘Developer’.image09
  • Press OK. You have to see the Developer toolbar within the ribbon.

Enable Macros:

  • Macros are disabled by default in Excel. This can be to shield you from malicious macros running mechanically in downloaded Excel files.image07
  • To use macros, you may need to initial alter them from the Trust Center. To do this, move to File, then go to choices and then to Trust Center. Click on the ‘Trust Center Settings’ button during this menu.
  • In this new window, move to ‘Macro Settings’ and choose the ‘Enable all macros’ radio button.
  • Click OK. You’ll currently begin victimization macros in your Excel spreadsheets.

Prepare The Computer Program:


  • You will create simple macros to alter the color, size and boldness of text.
  • In your computer program, type in some text in any of the cells. We’ll later record a macro to vary the format of this text.
  • Now that our computer program is prepared, we are able to begin making the macro.

Creating A New Macro:

  • In the ‘Developer’ tab, click on ‘Record Macro’
  • A pop-up window can raise you to relinquish a reputation, storage location, cutoff and outline for the macro.

Record The Macro:

  • Once you’ve entered all the need details, click OK. Your macro is currently being recorded.
  • Select the cell wherever you entered your text. Switch to the ‘Home’ tab and alter its color to red, font size to eighteen, and font weight to ‘bold’.
  • When you’re done, click on the ‘Stop Recording’ button within the Developer tab, or hit the tiny cube at the lowest of the computer program next to ‘Ready’.

Check The Macro:

  • Now that you’ve recorded your initial macro, it’s time to visualize it live.image10
  • Add a number of additional blocks of text to your computer program, one cell at a time. You would possibly need to modification the default format back to black font, eleven purpose font size and normal text.

Yes, Windows 10 Runs Great on Old Hardware

Windows 10

  • World most individual digital supporter, a whole latest usual way of interacting with your PC
  • Windows apps will now be global and run across PC, phone, tablet, etc.fbd8c2084e348a28c0b5616b9051b2510707fc48
  • Project Spartan is a most recent browser for Windows 10. Only browser with built in message enchanting and sharing
  • Continuum is now a huge component of improving Windows on convertibles. All apps are now windowed whether they are the most recent touch friendly kind or inheritance apps.
  • An integrated settings menu with newest Action Centre which provides extra toggles for switching on or off Wi-Fi and additional settings.

Internet based keyboard commandos are affectionate of making claims which are built on nonentity more than an estimate or prejudice. One such claim that I have been coming across frequently is that Windows 10 is a total swine on older systems and should be avoided at all expenses or else you will run into all types of problems. Well, I just happened to have an older system deceitful about, so I decided to install Windows 10 on it just to see what would occur. First, a small bit of history about the system in query. This is a PC which I built back in January of 2009. For its time, this was a nice-looking high end system, featuring a 3.0GHz quad core Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processor, 8GB of Crucial RAM, an Asus Maximus Formula board, etc. This system began its life running Windows Vista and was later on upgraded to Windows 7. It is worked hard, managing varied tasks ranging from gaming to running virtual machines, not to talk about a lot of video depiction.

But, 24 months ago this system was pulled out of service and has been uncared for ever since. It is also one way or another, miraculously avoided being decommissioned, thus wasn’t it cannibalized for parts. When the other day, I decided to bring it back to life, all it needed was a visual drive. This system was no slump. But that does not change the fact which it’s now an old system. The ship has long sailed on this system yet getting new motherboard drivers and such, hence if there was something about the system which Windows 10 didn’t like, well, that would be the end of the road.