How to Recover Documents after Erasing Portable Hard Drive

Erased documents from a portable hard drive while it was inserted to the computer? It is the thing which every portable hard drive user come across and it needs to be sorted out. In such cases, you might be wondering how to recover documents after erasing portable hard drive. But, do you believe if this article explains the simple way to recover documents from your portable drive? Hard to believe, right? But, it’s very true that you can retrieve erased documents using a tool called Remo Recover. Watch the following video explaining the recovery of documents.

Steps to Recover Documents from Portable Hard Drive

Watch the video to find out the link to actually download the software, Remo Recover. After a successful install, launch it and follow the instructions guided in the video. You will find it very simple, easy and takes you no more than 2 minutes. Of course, the process takes some time depending upon the size of the hard drive you are scanning for files. Once the process is over, the software will ask you to save the recovered files (this requires licensed version of the software). You can preview the data in order to know that this software really works or not.

Features and Benefits of Remo Recover Application

  • The software can recover an unlimited number of data / documents and additionally it will be able to recover spreadsheets, pictures, music, videos, compressed files, etc.
  • Works in all portable hard disk drives such as Western Digital also called as WD, Sony, Toshiba, Maxtor, Seagate, etc. Works to recover irrespective of brand names.
  • The tool has an option to save the recovery session which lets the users to save it for future use which saves a lot of time.
  • Ability to recover more than 300 types of files which are erased, formatted, reformatted or lost.
  • Simple yet effective interface designed for everyone’s use.
  • Works on all OS of Windows. Both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.

Causes of File Erasure in Portable Hard Drives

There might be a large number of causes of file erasure in portable hard disk drives, some common scenarios are listed below.

  • Deletion of documents accidentally due to human errors.
  • Erasing the documents by selecting it in group unknowingly.
  • File erasure due to the format of the entire hard drive.
  • Improper removal of a portable hard drive while it is in use by the computer.
  • Interrupted transfer of files from one drive to another (portable disk) and vice versa.
  • File erasure due to virus infections.

Some Tips to Follow after Realizing the Loss of Data

As soon as you find out the loss of data, you need to make sure of few things. Don’t ever try to copy or move any documents from or to the portable hard drive from which you erased the data. Don’t use it for any type of activities until you employ a file recovery software like Remo Recover to retrieve the erased data. Try not to format the hard drive repeatedly. If you follow those steps mentioned above, you will get to see all data within few minutes.