Best Way to Retrieve Files from SanDisk Drive

SanDisk ranked third in the world in manufacturing of flash memory card. It is an American based company that design and manufacture different storage devices like SanDisk memory card(MMC,XD,SD Micro card, MicroSD etc.), SanDisk USB flash drives(Cruzer USB flash drive, Extreme USB flash drive etc.), etc. When we are transferring data from system to SanDisk flash memory drive or vice-versa then the files gets deleted or lost due to some reasons. So don’t worry you can recover files from SanDisk Drive by using SanDisk Recovery tool.

Scenarios for deletion or loss of SanDisk flash memory drive:

  • Deletion by Third party Applications: When you are scanning the files of SanDisk flash memory drive with antivirus , some of its file are not compatible with the antivirus as it shows malicious file/virus which leads to deletion of files from it.
  • Accidental Deletion: Any of the most advantageous aspect of using SanDisk drive is that it allows you to delete files from it. But, if deletion of files and folders happen without intention then you may end erasing a few of the crucial files.
  • Virus Attack: Since, external devices attached to many devices for exchanging data as they get infected easily from malware effect. After it gets affected, if you want to re-attach with some device or system then it shows an error like “Disk/drive is not formatted”, do you want to format it?
  • Improper Ejection: During transferring data from drive to system or vice-versa, sudden ejection or removal of SanDisk drive may cause file system corruption. Improper ejection of SanDisk drive can happen due to varied reasons such as power failure, port issues, driver issue, mishandling of drive, etc.

If you want to recover those deleted and lost files from SanDisk drive then you can use SanDisk Recovery tool. It ensures that you get recovered files in the exact same format as it was prior to deletion or data loss. Recovery of deleted or lost files from any storage device from any of the above detailed scenario is possible because when we lose any file then only file pointer is erased from the file system of respective storage device.

Features of SanDisk Recovery tool:

  • User Friendly: SanDisk recovery tool is very safe and efficient software to recover files from SanDisk drive. Anyone can recover the files by simply following the procedures mentioned on the utility.
  • Different OS: This tool supports data recovery on different versions of Windows (Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008 and 2003, Windows Vista) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.5.x, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks & Yosemite).
  • Recovery Session: It allows you to save recovery session to avoid rescanning of SD card in future by offering “Save Recovery Session” option.
  • Demo version: The SanDisk Recovery tool is also available in demonstration purpose which is helpful for user to check the effectiveness of the software. The demo version only supports the preview option user cannot access the save option.
  • 24/7 supports: It provides assistance to the customers any time related to SanDisk Recovery tool. The support team is technically trained for any kind of related issues.