Android or iOS, Which One Should You Choose?

iosandroidAndroid is the operating system which is generated by Google for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are many versions of Android OS such as Android 1.6-Donut, Android 2.1-Éclair, Android 2.2-Froyo, Android 4.1-Jelly Bean, Android 4.4-KitKat, etc. Whereas iOS is the operating system which was introduces by Apple for apple smartphones and tablets. Also there are many versions in iOS such as iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, etc. There are many features of both Android and iOS respectively. Now let us discuss which operating system is excellent i.e. Android or iOS, Which One Should You Choose?

  1. Interface and Notifications: Interface is attractive in both the iOS and Android operating system in their own way. Notification in both iOS and Android works in a similar manner and the differences that exist small and subtle. Apple’s iOS lets you to set notification styles on an app-by-app basis, whereas Android makes it easier to clear and respond to alerts from the notification drawer.
  2. Apps and Ecosystem: Both iOS and Android offer a strong set of apps to get you up and running, though of course Android are all available on iOS, whereas Apple snubs Android completely. App permissions to handle apps is different on Android, it’s an all-or-nothing decision that you make when installing the app. On iOS, permissions like camera access and location are asked for one-by-one, and you can revoke them at any time.
  3. Stability, Security, Performance: Touch ID is the unique feature of iOS and has hugely improved the experience of verifying a purchase or unlocking a phone. Android is trying to compete with iOS but couldn’t gain success. Samsung manufacturer have brought fingerprint and sensing technology to Android devices on a regular and consistent basis till now.

Apart from the above mentioned differences there are many other differences in both iOS and Android. Now comparing to both the differences any your usage you need to decide which operating system you need to use. Read on to know more about Android and iOS operating system.