About SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive (32GB)

In the current scenario in order to boost your storage for your digital devices, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive is available and is a wireless storage accessory. Whether you have a 64GB iPad with many pictures on it or 16GB Galaxy S4 that is filled up rapidly, then the by the help of SanDisk Connect you can serve music, videos, and photos on the load road trip.

1279819-sandisk-connect-wireless-media-driveYou can offload the videos and photos because it is quite repository you keep shooting on your iPhone. The quick trips and jaunts can be recommended by the SanDisk Connect away from reliable cellular based Internet access. The cost of the 64GB model available is $99.99.

Design and Features:

The measurement of the SanDisk Connect is very small 2.6×2.6×0.52 inches and it is weight less than three ounces. Around the circumference it has a metal ring and black plastic in the top and bottom. A molded lattice weave is available with the top panel, and at the bottom it has a soft surface.

The metal ring contains SD card slot, microUSB 2.0 port, status lights cut in the surface and power button. The lights will indicate about internal status, power/battery status, external internal connectivity and internal Wi-Fi activity.

The SanDisk Connect should be charged for a few hours or should be started by connecting the drive up to your Mac or PC. To the ExFAT the drive is formatted, so it can easily handle well with both Macs and Windows PCs and files over 4.3GB can be supported, which is the addition over wireless drives that are FAT32 formatted like HP Pocket Playlist and Kingston Wi-Drive.

It appears like any other external drive when it is hooked up to your desktop and laptop via USB 2.0 and you can manually drag files to it.

This drive comes with folders that are marked by photos, music and videos, all these things are for your benefit as the drive read and present media files automatically where these files are stored on the drive. With the Windows/Mac companion app the Seagate Wireless Plus is associated and it searches your computer automatically for media files and will copy them.